• ASKPCB Not just the PCB
    global top 100

    We aim to build a stronger, more globalize company.

    Provide efficient
    production and high quality products with
    value added to our partners

    ASK operate with most advance and unique equipment in the insdustry.
    Total investment
    1.4 billions
    Annual output 4.5
    million m2
    growth 30%
    2016 NTI glabal
    ranking #41

    On the future journey, ASK will advance with
    times by innovate mindset to provide
    wonder to our partners and not
    live by the past acclamation.

    ASK commitment to deliver product in time with zero defect, to pursuit perfection in product quality ASK maintain standardize control
    procedures and regular inspection in our production processes. ASK maintain regular interaction with suppliers and customers
    for update industry standard and technology; and,through regular internal and external audit to elimination deficiency.
    • 96%

      Product pass rate of more
      than 96%
    • 0.02%

      Customer complaint rate of
      less than 0.02%
    • 95%

      On-time delivery rate of
      higher than 95%
    • 98%

      Customer satisfaction rate is
      higher than 98%
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